Mannar – Case study

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Case study – 01

Full Name N. Dishanthiny Soysa

Address   :     Panankattu koddu, Mannar

Father      :    A. Douglass

The Situation of Family

Mothers Name is Mrs. Merry Theresamma Douglass. Fathers Name is A. Douglass Soysa. They had five Children four girls and a boy They don’t have any properties and all for they own with that all the family are un educated and they live very poor class life.

Dishanthiny got married her age of 21 because of her family situation and her parents Cant take care of their children’s any more. in 2002 Dishantinny got married Mr. Noyal who was the labor of the Water Supply. Dishanthiny have two Children. Her husband’s monthly income is 7000/= RS per month and she also bought a tailoring machine for rotation lone from WRDS. And she lives very smooth life with her family.

After 3 years later, in 2005 her husband suffered from Fits. Because of that her family faced very critical position. With that her husband becomes a Dipsomaniac. Because of that Dishanthnie’s family lost peace and lively hood

After that in 2007 Disha lost her tailoring machines and her all properties due to war and she displaces from her husband’s place Arrippu with her husband and her two tinny tots. In 2009 month of August she resettled her native place Panankattukoddu.

Lively Hood


On These days she is in very critical position she lost her tailoring machine and her husband is a sick person now she doesn’t have any incomes now a days if any neediness that she have she getting money from her mother.

Home Facilities:

She live in a Temporary hut Donated by A NGO Named IOM.She doesn’t have any belongings. And she doesn’t have financial supports to build a home.

Present situation:

Now she must pay the balance of Rotation loan form WRDS  with that she have a problem of her children’s education these all problems are push Dishanthyni in to Depress .  She faced the problems from her child hood, and now days she faced the problem by her husband. Any how she followed the computer course (DICA) conducted by Sarvodaya Fusion by her confident of future. And now she seeks any Job for her Qualification.

What she going to do after she finished this course?

She will go to do some work related to computer Such as

1.     start a computer class in her village

2.     Running a communication with a Browsing center

3. providing print outs

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